Infinity War Casualty Predictions

In order to fully realize the author's vision, this article contains spoilers for pre-Infinity War content.
You have been warned.

Those of us watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been paying close attention to the words of the Marvel Prophet: President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige. From the recent interview with EW, from the mouth of the man himself, we can expect permanent deaths to occur from Avengers: Infinity War. There is no definite word on who is going to bow out of the world Marvel has built on the silver screen, but clues and rumors have been circulating since Captain America: Civil War. We know there will be characters we will say goodbye to, but Marvel and Feige have been tight-lipped as to who and how will leave. However, based on previous films, contract limitations, and the actors themselves, we will try to determine who is destined to die in the Infinity War. For the total death toll from the calamity of Thanos’ quest for power, I will make the prediction that we will see no more than five of the Avengers fall to the Mad Titan’s might.

Considering the sheer scale of the cast of Infinity War, I’ve gone ahead and excluded certain characters who I believe are guaranteed to survive the conflict with the Mad Titan. For timesake, lets go ahead and consider Spiderman, Ant-Man, Wasp, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Black Widow, Falcon, Black Panther and Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier safe for rest of Phase 3 and going into the start of Phase 4.

Breaking down these characters by least likely to most likely to die we start of with:

Strange and Wong.jpg

Doctor Strange and Wong: The pair of sorcerers dwelling on Bleekers Street will be using all the mystic arts at their disposal to repel Thanos from attaining all the Infinity Stones, more importantly the Time Stone Strange holds onto with the Eye of Agamotto. We know Strange will be meeting fellow New Yorker Peter Parker, and we hope to see more of Strange teaming up with other heroes beyond the Infinity War. We have also seen Wong engage in battle alongside his friend and master Strange. We will most likely see him survive as well to accompany Strange on more adventures. So as the Master of the Mystic Arts Doctor Strange would say, ‘By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!’, we shall see our sorcerers again.

Possible Cause of Death: We can see Doctor Strange squaring off against one of the Black Hand and looking as though he is on the losing side of the fight, leading to a rescue attempt by Wong. Though more experienced than Strange, he is not as powerful, and could fall to the sorcerer of the Mad Titan, thereby leaving Doctor Strange to a gruesome fate.

Likelihood of Death: 40%


Loki: Here’s a character that never seems to die. Be it the charismatic talent of Tom Hiddleston or the anti-heroic demeanor of our favorite God of Mischief, Loki seems to cheat death at every turn. However, he has had a brush with Thanos once before, and from the looks of the trailer Thanos may not be too pleased to see the Asgardian prince once again. Chances are Loki will find himself in a situation he cannot scheme his way out of, but without solid proof we can only speculate about whether his number will finally be up, making his death probable, but not certain.

Possible Cause of Death: After potentially surrendering the Infinity Stone Loki carries to save his brother, Thor will have to watch as Proxima Midnight disintegrates Loki into a pile of Asgardian ash.

Likelihood of Death: 50%

Mantis and Drax.jpg

Mantis and Drax: The new resident therapist of the Guardians of the Galaxy is seen in the trailers for Infinity War, alongside the likes of Starlord and Thor. We can only assume she will play some role in the film, but to what extent is unclear. Her survival, however, is by no means guaranteed. Although a potential romantic relation with Drax is probable, seeing her in the upcoming Guardians Vol. 3, which director and writer James confirmed in a tweet for a potential 2020 release, is not promised. She’s a maybe. Speaking of the tattooed hero, Dave Bautista will be reprising his role of Drax the Destroyer for an epic crossover team up. We do see him formulating a plan of attack with RDJ’s Iron Man, and both the Peter’s, Quill and Parker. How that plan pans out for Drax, and if he survives, remains unseen, putting him in the maybe category. 

Possible Cause of Death:

Mantis: Using her powers to innoculate or subdue Thanos, she may be attacked by the Black Hand. She has incredible powers, but it is doubtful she would stand much of a chance if she were separated from the over Avengers.

Drax: Since it is the lifelong ambition of Drax to fight and kill Thanos for the death of his family, he may be overly eager to engage the Mad Titan in combat. It would not be the first time Drax has haphazardly thrown himself into danger, but could be the last.

Likelihood of Death: 50%

Nebula and Gamora.jpg

Nebula and Gamora: Daughters of Thanos. Badass bitches. With the Mad Titan’s plans coming to fruition, no one is a better ally to the forces of Earth than these two. Regardless of screen time, we know both will appear in the film. Both could very well see their end come from Thanos. We see Gamora at a younger age adopted by Thanos for unknown reasons and unknown purposes, just as it was with Nebula. That buildup to conflict and the eventual downfall of one or both sisters is possible, perhaps even likely. If I had to bet, Nebula is on the block, and Gamora is edging her out slightly to survive… slightly. 

Possible Cause of Death:

Gamora: Gamora could potentially sacrifice herself to halt her stepfather’s quest for the Infinity Stones, albeit temporarily.

Nebula: Most likely a suicide mission where she and Thanos square off one on one. She’ll put up a fight, but she couldn’t stand a chance if she finds Thanos with two, maybe even just one Infinity Stone.

Likelihood of Death: 60%

Scarlet Witch.jpg

Scarlet Witch: The romantic interest of Vision, we do not know what she will do if/when Vision dies. The typical Hollywood trick would be to have her watch Vision die, powerless to act as another member of her family, and someone she loves, is ripped from her again. Joe Russo mentioned that Scarlet Witch is a character who will expand on her growth as a powerful but flawed character, and so far we have only glimpsed the depths of her powers in times of extreme emotional distress, such as the death of her brother Quicksilver by Ultron. The death of Vision should prompt another rapid, and hopefully lasting growth for Wanda Maximoff, and hopefully help her survive the war with the Mad Titan. It’s likely she’ll survive to put Vision to rest postwar.

Possible Cause of Death: Wanda could see the death of Vision and lose her control, sending her mind and powers into a rampage to avenge her fallen lover. However, by this point, Thanos would have up to three of the Infinity Stones, including the one that gave Wanda her powers. What the stones giveth, Thanos could use to taketh away.

Likelihood of Death: 60%


Hulk: The Big Green Guy could be matched against his toughest fight yet. If the trailers are anything to believe, Thanos is the strongest opponent that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will ever face. While we may never get to see Mark Ruffalo get his own standalone feature as The Incredible Hulk, we will see him smashing anyone who threatens Earth alongside the rest of the Avengers. We also know the Hulk is an extremely resilient hero, and he has come back stronger from every challenge he has ever faced. He does, however, meet an interesting end in the Infinity Gauntlet arc of Marvel’s Avengers Comics, where he’s turned into a crumbling pile of Legos. Chances are we won’t see such a comedic end to the Not-So-Jolly Green Giant, much less him outright dying. 

Possible Cause of Death: Hulk may be the Strongest There Is, but against the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos could use to remove his powers or revert him to Bruce Banner, thereby making him harmless, strength means little if he cannot use it.

Likelihood of Death: 60%


Thor: Chris Hemsworth has stated that he would keep playing Thor as long as he could if given the choice. Hopefully he is given that choice soon, since his contract with Marvel to play the God of Thunder is technically up after the conclusion of the Infinity War. It would be nice to see how he concludes the story of the people of Asgard finding a new home after Ragnarok, alternatively they could all be blown up by Thanos after Loki gives him the Space Stone. We know Thor will fight, but he very well may meet his end at the hands of the Black Hand, or by Loki stabbing him in the back once again. 

Possible Cause of Death: We know Thor has had very close calls with death lately--in the latest case the God of Death herself--and this time throwing himself in the way of Thanos to save Loki or the other Avengers is likely. Calling it at Thanos crushing the life out of the Thunder God.

Likelihood of Death: 70%

War Machine.jpg

War Machine: We do not know what the extent of the damage to his body was at the end of Civil War, but Major Rhodes seems to be doing well now, having adjusted to life with a supportive, mobility-granting leg harness, courtesy of his good friend Tony Stark. We know Don Cheadle is back in the suit as War Machine, and that he will be participating in the fight to come, but will his body stand much more punishment past Infinity War? I have my doubts.

Possible Cause of Death: Battling the Black Hand, or saving Tony from certain doom.

Likelihood of Death: 80%


Iron Man: Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Superhero. The first Marvel hero to begin the epic Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s the most veteran character of the lot, starring in the first film in Phase 1, but Tony is reaching his limits. We know that he has struggled to protect the world before, putting life and limb at risk, and accidentally  creating the most dangerous AI in existence--one that almost dinosaur’ed the planet. His existence in the MCU beyond Infinity War is very tenuous, ultimately depending on if RDJ wanted to pick up the character again. This depends on whether they can explore any new facets of the character they have not done yet, which isn’t much. If RDJ were to bow out of the MCU at the end of Infinity War, no one could blame him. He does come dangerously close to death by fighting one-on-one with Thanos himself. Chances are he won’t suit up as our favorite Shell-Head again once Thanos falls.

Possible Cause of Death:  This is tricky. It makes sense for Iron Man to sacrifice himself to buy the Avengers time to act, delay Thanos to allow them to carry out one last crazy idea, even taking on Thanos head on. But more than likely, Iron Man will die, probably beaten, bruised, and unable to wear the suit any longer, but Tony Stark will live. 

Likelihood of Death: 80%


Hawkeye: We can’t even say with certainty where Clint Barton is, seeing as how he’s missing from both trailers and posters alike for Marvel’s biggest team up movie. To say he will survive is even less certain, since Hawkeye has been looking to retire for some time, and each time he gets dragged back in becomes more harrowing than the last. A lucky streak is definitely with Clint Barton, but against Thanos, with a bow and arrow? We aren’t giving him much of a chance to survive. We can consider Hawkeye a sure mark to die in Infinity War.

Possible Cause of Death: Hawkeye is special to the Avengers team for being a human with no superpowers, much like Black Widow. His aim is perfect, something that he prides himself on and makes him dependable to the Avengers. But Thanos is not an easy target. And again, Hawkeye is only human. One good punch from Thanos, gauntlet or no gauntlet, and the Bird is grounded. Permanently.

Likelihood of Death: 90%


Vision: We know from the trailers things are not looking good for Vision. The Black Hand of Thanos is more than likely going to seize the Mind Stone from Vision by ripping it from his head. We aren’t too sure how the stone interacts with Vision, and so we don’t know what effects it will have on him to be without it. There is a chance he can survive without the stone, but more than likely, the death of Vision will compound the failures of the Avengers to defend Earth, rallying them to do as their name intends; Avenge it, and all who Thanos kills, Vision included. At the very least, however, we do get to see Paul Bettany in a human form of Vision? That’s… a thing.

Possible Cause of Death: We know Vision carries an Infinity Stone on his forehead, and such as display of power could easily anger the Mad Titan beyond all reason. We have seen trailers where it looks as if the stone will be ripped from his head by a member of the Black Hand. While it is unclear if his life is dependent on the stone’s presence on his body, it certainly won’t help his health. Rip out the stone, kill the man (...cyborg?

Likelihood of Death: 100%

Captain America.jpg

Captain America: The clear contender for death. We see Cap square off with Thanos in a weird hand-holding match with Rogers barely able to keep the Mad Titan from squeezing his head like a grape. Thanos may just be toying with the Star Spangled Man, but Chris Evans’ contract isn’t a joke. The final film he is required to star in would be the final film of Infinity War. After that, the shield and mantle of Captain America may fall to another, either Bucky (the likely pick) or Falcon (the rogue element). But we can believe the Infinity War films will be the swan song of Captain Steve Rogers, aka, Captain America.

Possible Cause of Death: Steve Rogers is the perfect soldier, and as the perfect soldier Cap would rather die than see even one of his friends hurt or killed if he could help it. Captain America will square off against Thanos, as we all see in the trailers, valiantly even, before dying nobily at the hands of the Mad Titan.

Likelihood of Death: 100%

But alas, this is all just speculation on the part of a Marvel fanboy. The fate of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes lay in the hands of more powerful individuals than us common folk. All we can hope is that should these characters leave the MCU for good, they go out in a worthy and memorable way. It is the belief of this writer that perhaps this is all but guaranteed. Marvel has worked tirelessly to build this universe for us True Believers, and it has been a Marvelous ten years of cinematic magic. Here’s to another ten years, with or without our favorite Avengers. May they still be the best years to come.

All images and characters are property of Marvel Studios.