Despite all the confirmed rumors and speculation this E3, some games were either cut or simply never slated for a reveal. These are the games that were heavily rumored but missing from E3 2018; they are listed in order from most credible to least credible.


A franchise that has certainly seen better days, the next Fable was reported by Eurogamer to be real and in development at Playground Games, makers of the Forza Horizon series for Microsoft. Original Fable developer Lionhead was shut down in 2016 and their free-to-play title Fable Legends cancelled. Playground Games reportedly has beefed up their studio, adding a new office in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. While Playground Games made headlines with the debut of Forza Horizon 4 and Microsoft’s purchase of the studio, Fable was nowhere to be seen. While Eurogamer reported it was very early in development, and given Microsoft’s packed E3 presentation, I’m still surprised we didn’t see any hints as to this franchise’s future.

Splinter Cell

After a Ghost Recon: Wildlands event earlier this year that saw the return of Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher, speculation ran wild about whether or not we would see a new Splinter Cell game at Ubisoft’s E3 presentation. Given their penchant for big surprises at their conferences, from The Division to Beyond Good and Evil 2, it was strange to see nothing about Splinter Cell make an appearance, especially after Walmart Canada listed it as part of the “Great E3 2018 Leak.” In addition to Walmart Canada, Amazon listed Splinter Cell as an upcoming release, and Conviction finally became backwards compatible on Xbox One systems. Maybe next year, or maybe Sam will finally retire.

Rocksteady’s Game 6

With Rocksteady finally putting Batman to rest in 2015’s Arkham Knight, we have been waiting to see what superhero they would tackle next. Rumors long ago hinted at a silver age Justice League, though those turned out to be Arkham Origins. This time rumors point towards a Superman adaptation, and Rocksteady has been teasing fans on its twitter account with images of people in mocap suits and calls for applicants to apply for job openings. They came out after E3 to clarify why they were not present saying they will show it “as soon as it is ready”.

Dead Rising 5

We know Dead Rising 5 is in development thanks to a Kotaku report that stated Capcom Vancouver laid off a significant portion of their staff and are hoping to focus on cutting back the ambition on the next Dead Rising game. An unannounced title set in an alternate New York City was cancelled at the same time. Given that Capcom had nothing else to show at E3 this year besides a trailer for the next Devil May Cry game, it’s surprising that they had no tease for the next Dead Rising.

Watch Dogs 3

A deleted tweet, an April Fools prank, an AI app, and the development cycle between Watch Dogs 1 and 2 meant we had some expectations going into Ubisoft’s E3 presentation. However Watch Dogs 3 is nowhere to be found. Ubisoft’s AI assistant Sam states that Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, which while hardly a confirmation of its existence, gives some credence to speculation about a reveal last week. An update to Watch Dogs 2 hints at a London setting for the sequel. On April Fools Day, a Watch Dogs admin console allowed visitors to “hack” in and see a list of blacked out unreleased games. And Watch Dogs’ twitter account posted “This is everything” a few days after the April Fools Day prank. Despite all this, no Watch Dogs title was announced.

Avengers from Crystal Dynamics

First announced in January 2017, Square Enix had teamed up with Marvel to introduce new games based on their superheroes. The first of which was Avengers, produced by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. While Eidos has their hands full with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics has been quiet since the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2015/2016. There are reports of the studio hiring talent back in January, and Screenrant reported the game to be a reboot of Activision’s Ultimate Alliance games. Despite the potential, Square Enix’s disappointing E3 showing had no Marvel game in sight.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3

While Garden Warfare 2 didn’t see longevity with online server populations, an Amazon listing and Arthur Gies’ insistence to Anthony Gallegos on gaming podcast Rebel FM to not be surprised if it appeared this E3 kept the hope alive. Amazon slipped up on a description for a upcoming comic book set in the franchise stated it would bridge the story gap between Garden Warfare 2 and 3. This isn’t exactly the best way to base a rumor, but it wouldn’t have been surprising. Either way, EA did not show off Garden Warfare 3 and instead interviewed themselves about Anthem.

Burnout Comeback/Skate 4

This entry I can only create based off of fan’s dreams. A Burnout Paradise remaster that released earlier this year, Burnout Revenge going backwards compatible, and the sheer force of willpower that keeps #Skate4 alive is why these games were missing from EA’s lineup. Not that they don’t exist, they simply don’t want to show themselves until the time is right.